Design Your Daily Practice Day One: Patterns in Nature

Day One: Patterns in Nature

Change your Patterns, Change the World

If you think about it, pretty much everything that happens is because of two things: the patterns in nature and the habits of creatures like us. 

For humans to feel safe we need structure, at least some of the time. And, in general, we tend toward decisions that lead us to a daily repetition, a routine. (Having kids, going to school, getting a job, being in ongoing relationships, growing gardens, etc.)

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t as meticulous as we could be about which patterns we adopt, and before you know it, your youth is gone, you’re locked in daily cycles that bring you down, and those old habits feel almost impossible to change.

My mission with this course is to create a catalytic moment for you to finally stop wasting your time, find the power to change your patterns, and create new daily habits that embody your unique gifts in this world.

Over the next 10 days, we will employ all of the most powerful tools I’ve found for changing my habits, overcoming creative blocks, and opening the flow of ideas that allows me to design my life for optimum health, abundance, and happiness.

Each of these 10 classes is designed to take you about an hour to complete, with the idea that it will establish a pattern of you devoting one hour every day to nurturing your most creative, authentic self and manifesting your unique journey through this world.

That being said, today will take a tiny bit longer than an hour, because today is the one day I will ask you to take a field trip!


2 Lessons

Day One: Patterns in Nature

It all starts when you wake up, every morning.

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