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Design Your Inner Landscape Day 1: Principles

Day 1: Principles

What is Emotional Permaculture?

Whether you call it self-care, zone 00, or your inner landscape, this course is all about using ecological design principles and strategies to master our mindset and thus, our behavior.

Let’s start by making sure we’re on the same page about the definition of “permaculture” and then I will tell you what I mean by “emotional permaculture.”

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, or even if you are, pop over here and check out my article What is Permaculture

I also hope you’ll read this one, about that pesky Third Ethic…

From there, we can easily delve into the conversation about the fact that traditional permaculture, a la Mollison and Holmgren, while presenting a solid set of physical land-use approaches, largely fails to recognize the essential social elements within any community, and almost completely misses the importance of the designer’s mental health and emotional well-being.

I believe that, if we can tighten our design, and spiral all the way inward to gain a mastery over our emotional landscape, then the big picture will snap into place much more clearly, and perhaps we might even have a chance at survival as a species.

All cataclysmic inevitabilities aside, Permaculture, in practice, whether agricultural, structural, social, emotional, or any combination of the above, is simply loads of fun. A permaculture life, on any scale, is filled with wonder and abundance!

There is truly no place I would rather be than out in the yard, moving stuff around and trying to figure out how to always make my home and garden more beautiful, more productive, less consumptive, less wasteful.

I especially love the emotional stuff — sit down with some brainiac friends and have a look at any list of permaculture principles. Ask yourselves how they apply to human relationships and you’ll have days of lively conversation about it.

So, that’s why I created this workshop: to provoke these conversations in our global online community, and (hopefully) to inspire each of you to bring little bits of emotional permaculture into your daily life. Like yoga, like writing, like art, permaculture is a life-path, a daily practice. 

When you train your mind to remember permaculture theories, to pull them out like a master craftsperson would pull out her favorite chisel, then you begin to see everything around you in a different way.

These slow, steady changes in the way you experience the world shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor should they be rushed.​

One step at a time, we become adept at Caring for the Earth, Caring for the People, and Sharing the Abundance that spills forth from every corner of the permaculture path.

Where do we begin? With our own behavior.

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