Start here and coming soon

Start here and coming soon

Are you curious about permaculture but don't wan't to spend all your money on expensive courses that may or may not actually help you learn how to grow food and be more sustainable at home?

Then you're in the right place! This whole platform was created to help people like you gain better access to information about how to grow your own food and live more ecologically.

Vote for which courses we'll make next.

Here's how to learn permaculture, for free:

  1. First, click through the resources included here as "lessons" and explore to see if something sparks your interest. Get your feet wet and follow your curiosity! 
  2. When you're ready to really dive in, enroll in this course. Resist the urge to enroll in a bunch of courses at once! Start with the one, for now.
  3. When you formulate some good questions, come and post them in our FB group and also in our free, independent forum!

Read Food Not Lawns for free!

Why I use Permaculture for Everything

Wondering why you keep seeing this permaculture mentioned in all my classes? Isn't that a gardening thing? What does it have to do with writing? Maybe you're even wondering what in the heck this "permaculture" thingy even is?!? 

Here's a quick explanation.

Permaculture Writing by Women

The intersection of my two favorite things!

Check out this list of books about plants, permaculture, and sustainability: Books by Permaculture Women

ALSO! I curate and write for this collaborative 'zine on Medium, and We would love to have you join our writing collective! Check out the details, here.

Come see me on the YouTubes!

Check out my YouTube channel! SO much good stuff for you in there! Click here to subscribe.

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