Design Your Daily Practice

Design Your Daily Practice

10 Modules

Day One: Patterns in Nature

It all starts when you wake up, every morning.

Day Two: Goals

Goal is a 4 letter word

Day Three: Observation

​“Nostalgia is not for the god who is missing to us. It is a nostalgia for ourselves; we miss our impossible grandeur. My unreachable nowness is my paradise lost.”
–Clarice Lispector

Day Four: Boundaries

What are your limits?

Day Five: Resources

What do you need?

Day Six: Analysis

What does it all mean?

Day Seven: Design

Ready to design your practice?

Day Eight: Implementation

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Day Nine: Maintenance

Can you keep it going?

Day Ten: Evaluate and Enjoy!

How do you feel?

Modules for this course 10
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