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Welcome! These resources are created and curated by Heather Jo Flores, author/founder of Food Not Lawns and director of Permaculture Women's Guild.

We are here to help you start making positive changes right now, in your own home, garden, and community, and also on the bigger, broader scale we need, in order to tackle the big challenges we face today as a species....even if you don't own property or have a lot of money.

A permaculture mindset can really and truly help with all this stuff, and almost everything here is free/donation-based, and everyone is welcome to participate. 

Because the more permaculture designers we can get out into the world, the better chance we all have at a thriving, abundant future!

Available Courses

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Nice to meet you! Join me for a virtual meet & greet, see what this space is all about, and vote for upcoming resources.

Permaculture Beginner's Course

Six original, intensive classes to help you start designing gardens, systems, and communities, no matter where you live.

#freepermaculture Yearlong Course

Design your ecological garden and homestead and learn about social permaculture too!

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Join groups, get feedback and advice, and learn permaculture in a safe space away from ads and corporate interests.

Permaculture Coloring Book

Fun for the whole family! Educational drawings and short written passages to help you learn and practice.

Find Your Eco-Niche

Use permaculture tools and techniques to find creative business ideas that will help you to thrive.

Design Your Inner Landscape

Cultivate personal sustainability from the inside out by changing the way you think about self-care.

Design Your Daily Practice

Dive into the bliss blitz! Use a permaculture design process to establish healthy patterns in your life.

Permaculture Women Writers

Write your way back to nature with this fun 3-week challenge and generate ideas and content to share.

Permaculture Design Course

Earn your 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate plus advanced certification in Social Systems Design.

Design Course Guest Pass

Explore classes in the Permaculture Design Certification Course, and see real life examples from our students.

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